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We Are Complete Phytochemical Solutions

We provide third-party analytic testing, contract research and consulting services that enable our clients to develop, manufacture and market high quality, efficacious botanical supplements and food products for human and animal nutrition


Our analytic testing services are guided by the following criteria:



Botanicals contain a wide range of phytochemicals, some that promote health and others that can be deleterious. Consumers expect authenticity and traceability of quality ingredients from farm-to-finished product



Standardization ensures that products are manufactured consistently using well documented practices, and that those products have been assessed for quality at multiple phases in the manufacturing process



 Science-based evidence relating phytochemical structures to beneficial health outcomes is essential for the development, manufacturing and marketing of efficacious botanical supplements and food products


cranberry with fingerprint alluding to analytic testing

What is Polyphenol-Fingerprinting℠?

Plants contain a group of compounds called ‘polyphenols’.  In the case of cranberry, polyphenols can be broken down into more specific sub-classes; Proanthocyanidins (PACs), Flavonols, Anthocyanins and Hydroxycinnamic acids. Each of these sub-classes is composed of many more individual compounds.  Complete Phytochemical Solutions, LLC has a developed a proprietary analytic service for identifying these groups of chemicals in each botanical supplement or food product, giving them their own unique Polyphenol Fingerprint℠.

Polyphenol (paa·lee·feh·nuhl)

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Any of a group of naturally occurring compounds found significantly in fruits, vegetables, cereals, coffee, tea, and wine.  Widely studied for properties believed to promote health and fight disease.  Illustrated below is an example of the polyphenols of cranberries.

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Proanthocyanidins (proan·tho·cyani·dins)

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Proanthocyanidins (PACs) are oligomeric (a chain) polyphenols comprised of base polyphenol units (links in the chain).  The base units may be similar (homopolymers) or different (heteropolymers).  PACs are widely studied for their urinary tract and cardiovascular health benefits.

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Anthocyanins (an·thow·sai·uh·nins)

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Anthocyanins are common plant pigments.  Food plants rich in anthocyanins are blueberry, cranberry, elderberry, and black currant.  The color range of anthocyanins includes red, purple, blue to blueish-green and changes as a function of pH.

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From Farm to

Finished Product

We service every step in the supply chain


Analytic testing at this phase enables farmers to make informed growing and harvesting decisions, resulting in high-quality botanical ingredients



Testing at this phase supports authentication of incoming ingredients and standardization in extraction, drying and milling processes



Research services at this phase produce science-based evidence relating phytochemical structure to biologic function and health outcomes



Analytic services at this final phase of the supply chain support authenticity and label claims to comply with good manufacturing practice (GMP)


Our Suite of

Professional Services

Consumers demand products that are consistent, high quality, authentic, and effective.  CPS provides consulting, contract research, and analytic services to support current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) across the continuum of the natural product supply chain.

Guided Consultation

Our consultants are experienced in assessing our client’s production and marketing objectives.

Analysis Design & Implementation

Our scientists specialize in customizing analyses in support of authenticity evaluation and standardization.


Assay Advising

We recommend the most relevant biologic assays for testing efficacy in relation to targeted health benefits.

Results Interpretation & Dissemination

We explain results in terms that can be easily understood by executive, marketing and technical teams alike.

Phytochemical Composition Evaluation

We evaluate phytochemical composition of starting raw materials, process intermediates and final retail products.


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